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FLSV by Buchio FLSV by Buchio
original is 2560 x 2048

Sorry but this is my first attempt at a full description of what i have modeled.

my latest attempt at modelling a future vehicle of war, it is not properly scened yet but, my skills have not yet got to exactly where i want to go with this. however it has now been put on my massive to do pile :-)

all textures done in C4D.

This is the FLSV (front line support vehicle)

the future of the helicopter

The work horse of the next generation of warfare,
armed to the teeth, with defenses to match, makes this beastie something not to be taken lightly, able to act as a troop drop ship and supply light air support for ground troops, this vehicle is a must on every battle field. fast take off times and the ability to generate static fields allow the FLSV to often get in and get out with not so much as gun fired. This alone make the FLSV a must for any covert operation and even if things go bad this machine ain't no push over capable of fighting itself out of the tightest of corners it can lay down serious amounts of rapid anti infantry fire from it multiple rail guns and take out any mechs foolish enough to get to close and if any air units think this is a nice easy target think again as the sonic disrupter technology employed by the FLSV renders pretty much all missiles and explosive projectiles useless. as well as strong defenses against air attacks it is able to fight back with its huge missile battery of anti air missiles just for good measure. and last but certainly not least the FLSV's power requirements, the standard equipped FLSV uses as standard 24 bio cold cell fusion packs which are used in conjunction with an amplifying generator unique to the FLSV. These packs are very small and produce huge amounts of energy perfect for the FLSV. The FLSV only actually needs 6 of them to be fully operational for up to 1 month however with the application the extra 18 cells and the FLSV's unique generator power can be sustained for periods up to a year considering moderate use. Seeing as the fusion packs are standard issue for most marines bio Armour suits if ever the need arose power packs can be interchanged proving yet another aspect of the usefulness of the FLSV.

main capabilities:
front line support for troops on the ground
acts as both troop drop ship and light arms transport.
large hold space.
often seen to operate in squads of 5 or more, can act as an offence line laying down immense amounts of fire.

4x grav repulsor generators
2x compression turbine jet engines (forward propulsion)
2x boost thrusters (forward propulsion assist)
2x maneuvering thrusters (mounted at the top behind turrets)

2x large rail pulse cannons (heavy infantry light vehicles)
2x Small rail pulse cannons (anti infantry and light air support)
4x plasma heated mech buster cannons (taking out tanks mechs buildings and stubborn stains
1x missile battery containing 39 missiles capable of both ground to ground, ground to air and air to air.

6x subsonic field diruptors (creates a wall of sound which detonates incoming missiles - the sound wave is so strong it also repels some smaller projectiles)
32x defensive counter measure deployment pods ( varying counter measures including flares, drones, signal emitters etc.....)
1x static generators (placed just below cockpit - generates a static field making it hard to use sensors with any great accuracy)
1x electro-organic ablative armour covering (is a two part chemical that litrelay is grown onto the armour plating, which is regulated by the on computer controlled electrodes. this can also induces colour changes allowing camo for any occasion.)
1x explosive reactive armour plating below organic covering.
1x inertia dampeners placed in and around the vehicle prevent most secondary effects from explosive impacts.

6x bio cell cold fusion packs
optional 24 fusion pack setup used in conjunction with the FLSV's Unique re circulating energy amplifying matrix.

1x Pilot
1x Co pilot (also takes care of coms and sensors)
2x gunners (also responsible for defensive as well as offensive duties)

18x Troops in standard issue bio suits
10x Troops heavy armament squads
2x Nevum light assault vehicles
can basically carry anything that can fit in the hold.
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Mirk217 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
+ :)
boku-wa-toroi-desu Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008   Digital Artist
its wings are backwards lol
Buchio Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
it seemed like a good idea at the time :-)
Tygahman Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Buchio Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
Many thanks
sevenofeleven Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
Looks pretty good.

One small nitpick, the scene is a bit too dark.
The back and the front details blend in too much into the shadows. If this is a model display picture, you can just use a basic light setup and not get fancy.
Buchio Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
i did regret the dark look. but it took so long to render i ended up just leaving it as it was.

i do have another render that highlights the details a little more but i think one on here is enough.
Amras-Arfeiniel Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thats realy good!

but :)
-It doesnt stand correctly on the ground.
-The silver material of the hydraulic system at the feet is to bright.
- I think the green texture (shader?) could get more highlight.
- You can use HDRI pics (or other panorama pics) on the sky object, so that you get reflections on the cockpitglas.

Did you use Global ilumi. or Ambient Oclusion?
Is there only one spotlight with areashadow or is there more?
Buchio Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2007
When i placed this in the scene i put it just above the floor, but did not acheive want i wanted but didn't think it was to big of a problem to re-render.
i havae to admit that the material on the legs is a little to bright, will fix when i put this in a scene.
I made the camo using the texture controls i was trying to get a matt finish with some dirt effects.

the cockpit however was done intentionaly. my plan is to create a fully detailed cockpit and interior for this model. i am planning to invest some time in this.

i am still experimenting much with rendering and lighting.
but i used global illumination set to stochastic and ambient occlusion with two spot lights with area shadow.

many thanks for the comments most appreciated i will be making the fixes soon.
Amras-Arfeiniel Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No broblem. :)
kheng Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the entry! i really love the time and effort you spent on the details in the geometry and textures!
The lighting is really sinister and evil ;)
Buchio Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2007
I am still experimenting with lighting and such but am quite happy with the dark feel i managed to produce, many thanks
crazyYoda Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2007   Digital Artist
So it's like an advanced AC-130?
Interesting concept but I'd think that a squad of highly specialized fighter/attack craft shouldn't have too much difficulty taking it out
Looks nice though.
Buchio Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2007
kind of a mix between the AC-130 and and Apache :-)
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